Awareness of Venereal Warts

Incubation Period

Between a month to a year, or longer.


Warts are easy to get though oral, anal, vaginal sex, dry humping, any genital-to-genital contact, fondling, petting, foreplay.


The warts look like cauliflower - all bumpy and fleshy. They are painless but can grow so big that they block your urethra, vagina, anus, or throat. Venereal warts can grow in the mouth, the throat, the genitalia, the anus, and the perineum (area between the thighs). You can soak suspicious areas with vinegar as this will turn the warts white and they will be easier to see.


Warts can be burned off with a laser, or frozen, or treated with chemicals. They usually keep coming back. They can lie dormant in your body for long periods of time.

Warts are pinpoint infections, and can be treated as such. Podophyllin solution, trichlorocetic acid, and fluorouracil cream are three chemical solutions used to burn warts from the skin. Liquid nitrogen or lasers are sometimes used, as well as electrodessication.

A six-month check-up is necessary to confirm that all the warts were destroyed, and even then a small percentage of people may experience a recurrence of warts within 18 months.

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