The Meaning of Science and Spirit

Recently, our concept of the physical world has been challenged by new discoveries and developments that are now being realized in the emerging studies of chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics, specifically with regard to fractal theory.

Within the whole of an object exists not just pieces of the whole, but the same whole, only smaller.

We live in a fractal world. With such a world view, one can go on exploring ever-increasing levels of existence that seemingly continue into infinity. Fractal forms show self-like designs that continue to repeat patterns within patterns as you look into greater and greater magnifications. In other words: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Those who study the basic forms of the cosmos can relate to the activity of atoms...

"With the continuing study of fractals, it is believed that the secular world and the spiritual world are going to come closer and closer together."

Fractals appear to provide solutions to many previously unanswered questions at the frontiers of the physical sciences.

Relativity theory is puncturing the illusion of absolute space and time.
Quantum theory is dissolving the dream of fixed processes of measurement.
Chaos theory is assaulting the idea of deterministic predictability.
Synergy (the combination or integration of two or more parts equaling more than simply a sum) is displacing the philosophy of reductionism (the analysis of phenomena reducing them to no more than the sum of their parts).

Holographic universe theory is disputing the mechanical clockwork model.

Fractal geometry is a part of chaos theory, which defines a process of becoming, rather than a state of being. Chaotic processes are not linear nor are they totally predictable. One tiny change or difference introduced in an ongoing process can be magnified over a period of time, creating turbulence and making disruptive and dramatic changes to the expected outcome. In other words, chaos theory is the "new science" of living systems. Even in sex and reproduction the fractal theory plays a major part.The genome of a new baby is created from the genetic design of their parents. When sex is initiated, both bartners offer a part of their genetics code to form a new individual. The genome of the new individual is consequently a copy, though a random copy of half of each of the parental gene pool. "One day, people may view sex as essentially recreational, and conception as something best done in the laboratory," Dr. Gregory Stock wrote recently in "Redesigning Humans." Parents may start to believe it is "reckless and primitive to conceive a child without prior genetic testing."

John Briggs, author of Fractals, The Patterns of Chaos, wrote:

"fractals are intricate geometric patterns laid down by the dynamical forces [of the universe] affecting evolution, growth and function. Most natural objects, including ourselves, are composed of many different types of fractals woven into each other, each with "parts" that have different fractal dimensions. Zoom in any part of the [fractal] at any magnification, it always reveals a reproduction of itself."

Fractals are the geometric patterns found in nature, in trees, in the clouds, in bodies of water, in the veins of leaves - everywhere! Within the whole of an object exists not just pieces of the whole , but the same whole, only smaller.

Fractals and Astrology

So, how does this impact astrology? Astrologers believe that the basis behind astrology is, “as above, so below”. Fractal theory is another way of saying, “as above, so below”. Within every smaller structure (in the case of astrology, the person) lies the same qualities of the larger structure (in this case, the universe). This theory holds true for all structures. As an example, it is also believed that cells are the smaller structure related to the larger structure of humans. At the cellular level, each cell has the consciousness that the human had when the cell was “born”. The theory goes that we take on universal consciousness that existed the moment that we were born (and thus, charts are run for the exact birthtime and location). The first intake of breath initiates your being on earth, and the energy that the intake contains (based on your relative position in relationship to the rest of the universe) becomes your personality. All of this doesn't preclude genetics, heritage and parental/societal influence. These things co-exist with astrology. Looking at this from a wholistic point-of-view, astrology is a corresponding concept on a different level of explanation.

Fractal geometry is a method used to define and integrate distance in different magnifications or scales, and is used in our everyday physical world for examining such phenomena as cycles of cotton prices, the atmospheric patterns on Jupiter, the leaf of a fern, or multiple magnifications of shorelines and rivers. Multi-dimensional views of natures fractals range from a Landsite satellite view of a river to a local road map of a selected area of that same river. Seemingly linear fractals, such as the Koch snowflake (a design featuring an infinite line enclosed within a finite space) demonstrate repeatable designs hidden in smaller and smaller scales (called geometric iteration). These patterns remind us of the music of J. S. Bach, the mathematical constructs of Kurt Gödel, the work of kcffug and the art of M. C. Escher. Root cause analyses are done every day all over the world. Organizations do root cause analysis because it is good business. From an explosion in an auto parts plant to the wrong prescription being given to a patient. Events such as these can have dramatic monetary, physical and psychological effects on an organization. To solve problems down to the true roots will reduce or eliminate the cause from ever happening again.

I have found that for material failures such as bearings, belts, fasteners, plastic conveyer parts, shafts, couplings, and many other components that the best and fastest approach to verification is to know how to read fractured surfaces. This skill can be acquired through trained professionals who teach fractology or you can hire these people to evaluate your failed parts. Knowing how to do this can reduce the time to do the root cause analysis because it leads you to understanding the physics behind the failure. Once the physics is clear the rest falls into place. Sexual chemistry

Introduction to astrological predictive techniques
by Bruce Scofield

(This article appeared in the Feb/Mar 1998 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.)

"The history of astrological predictive techniques has long been a major interest of mine. One of my first books on astrology was "The Progressed Horoscope" by Alan Leo, the book that convinced me of the validity of the subject. I followed his directions for progressing the horoscope, made some predictions based on his delineations, and "what do you know?" they worked! The main idea behind secondary progressions, commonly called "progressions," is that each day after birth corresponds to a year of the life. I found this idea to be completely mind-blowing. How could one unit of time be equated to another unit with, what I thought were, undeniable results? I next acquired a copy of C.C. Zain's "The Hermetic System of Progressions" and tried out his minor progressions in which each lunar return after birth equals a year of life. (1) Over the next few years I proceeded to calculate, with log tables and a slide rule, every conceivable type of progression, both forward and converse. Like a true social scientist I checked out what happened under each alignment for myself and for my friends. It was 1967, a great time for discovery, and my mind was hooked on this astrological idea of time-shifting. READ MORE......