Media Exposure and nonlibidoism

There is quite a large number of people that are nonlibidoist.

In fact there are millions of nonlibidoists scattered about the planet. Recent research has shown that up to one percent of the population is nonlibidoist. In reality these figures might even be higher. The same research has shown that nonlibidoists feel ignored by the media. The world has become so sexual minded that it almost seems as if one should feel ashamed for being nonlibidoist.Because of this nonlibidoists often try to repress their nonlibidoism so that they can answer to what they think society sees as "normal".

This is absolutely appalling, as nonlibidoism is a sexuality like any other, it's just that it is not as widely known as other sexualities. Little research has been done to the true facts behind nonlibidoism, seeing a nonlibidoist doesn't make itself known as much as other "sex groups" do.
Because of this not many people are aware of the existence of nonlibidoism. Due to this not many people can find out that they are nonlibidoist.

Nonlibidoism should now be accepted as an existing sex form, instead of it being seen as an abnormality, so people can be proud of who and what they are. Sexuality isn't like a religion, it is who you are.

Being nonlibidoist doesn't just mean that you "just don't like sex" ...

A nonlibidoist has NOT had a sex drive ever.

It is not like this person has had a sex drive in the past but then found a masterful way of exorcising it out of them like some demon. They have not chosen to live without sex, they were born this way.
Some people realise this at a very young age. Others only realise this later in life, after trying in vain to find a joy in sex for many years. Only to realise after years of searching that they are nonlibidoists and always have been. There is no sexual drive at all.

In reply to the question of many people; "No, no masturbation either." Hence that nonlibidoism is also known as: "Born without Sexual Feelings". There are some sexualities that a nonlibidoist has nothing to do with, but is often confused with:

"Frigid", People who are frigid are not, or not necessary nonlibidoist. Most people that are frigid want to have sex, but when they try to they are suddenly terrified. When they do have sex it hurts. This is caused by an unconscious fear that has nothing to do with nonlibidoism, but rather with a trauma they suffered consciously or unconscious somewhere earlier in their life.

"Sexually Repressed", The possibility that some repressed traumatic experience, or repression by your family may be preventing you from feeling sexual attraction.

"Abstinence", This word has After-School Special dripping all over it. This term is most frequently used in sex education classes or seminars for teens. This term often conveys a forced celibacy or making oneself not engage in sexual activity. This term is also used when talking about forcing oneself to keep away from some thing or some activity, i.e. abstaining from drinking alcohol, abstaining from football, etc. It is someone with a sex drive taking a pause from doing it. .....

Some people think they are nonlibidoist as they seem to posses a Sex Drive, but never associate those feelings with other people. They may get the mechanics of sexual urges, but they never desire to act on them to have sex. This may vent itself in many ways, but it seems masturbation is a common one.

"Masturbater aka Solo-Sexual ", means that you have some sort of sex drive without it actually going anywhere. One has the mechanics of sexuality and can even become sexually aroused. A person who masturbates regularly and for pleasure is not a nonlibidoist. This person is someone who doesn't like having sex with people, and prefers having it alone.

A nonlibidoist is a person who does not experience sexual urges and desires.

This in a way means that a nonlibidoist isn't "ASEXUAL" either, as this word has by now become almost synonymous for solo-sexual, masturbator.

Besides this you also have the "Platonic Sexual" which means: Possessing a Sex Drive but consciously REFUSING to associate those feelings with others unless these others make it clear they are willing to commit. Since they actually want sex, they cannot call themselves nonlibidoist, but they refuse to let their sex drive interfere with personal interactions.

The word that most of the world uses for nonlibidoist seems to be: Celibate. Maybe that's why there's hardly any information on nonlibidoism to be found out there. But there is a big difference between celibacy and nonlibidoism. Celibacy is refraining from sex for religious purposes. But nonlibidoist refrain from sex because they do not posess any sexual feelings while celibacy suggests that you WANT to have sex but don't for what ever reason (yes, mostly religious reasons). If you look in a dictionary celibacy just means refraining from sex.

For a nonlibidoist love is not sex and sex is not love.

To them real love is based on a strong bond, the meeting of the mind, the total understanding of eachother. The once popular "Boston Marriages" have proven that these relations are often a lot more stable than relations that are soley based on sex. A lot of people do not understand that the word nonlibidoism stands for being born without SEXUAL feelings: it does not stand for being born without feelings. There are hundreds of ways in which one can express oneself without sex, and a nonlibidoist has all these hundreds of feelings, and perhaps even more.

Over the years we have received word from many people (by e-mail, telephone and even face to face) sexual and sometimes even nonlibidoist insulting and threatening us for creating this society. Because they can’t believe that some of us are nonlibidoist, because some of us are coloured. We have received many messages from other coloured nonlibidoists telling us that they suffer from the same problems, or often from worse: Some of them are threatened at school or at work because they have said that they are not interested in sex, or ... gay...

This attitude baffles us. Why should there be any difference between the sex drive of a black person or a white person?? Your sex drive is something that you are born with; it does not differ from race to race. You either have a high sex drive, a normal sex drive, a low sex drive or non at all, this is the same for ALL people!! And in all races you find straight, gay, lesbian, bi OR nonlibidoist people, or a mix ...

We are often told that people are surprised that we and people like us are nonlibidoist. People seem unable to rhyme this with our colour. This attitude of surprise proves the fact that even in this time and age people are still living with the prejudice stereotype idea that all coloured people are always available for sex, especially the women. This is an untrue and very racist idea that should have been buried long ago.