The Chemistry of Love

"Researchers are discovering that when your heart is a flutter and a fireworks go off there is more to it than meets the eye"

What happens to our body when we fall in love?

In the newly-emerging science of brain chemistry, researchers are beginning to identify the biochemical processes behind such mysterious emotions as attraction, passion, and love.

What do you know is brain does more than think and reason; it feels. All passions and drives are from the brain. Sentiment does not came from the heart.

It all happens when love neurons' are firing in your brain, simultaneously releasing a series of body chemicals. The brain cell signals, some inhibatory, some exhitatory, can dictate your choice of a mate, can determine why you will you be attracted to certain people and repealed by others. Experts in the chemistry of emotions are attempting to answers why that warm, glowing feeling for someone can win out over your reason.

Love pleasures are great, but the torment and the pain of losing ones love object is the worst kind of withdrawal, which certainly seem to suggest the chemically addictive aspect of love.

So why do we keep looking to fall in love? Because love puts springs in your gait and color in your cheeks. Because love makes you more attractive. Because loves gives you energy, keeps your juices flowing.

Yes, all that but mostly because you are a bonding species, says noted sex therapist Dr. Helen Kaplan.

"like the birds, were happier in pairs," says Dr. Kaplan. "we function better, In fact people are healthier, get fewer diseases, take stress better and live longer if they engaged in an intimate relationship",

Dr. Kaplan adds: We are more afraid of intimacy and love than we are of genital sexuality. Hatred is easy. I think people defend themselves against vunerability by getting angry."

And oddly enough both love and hate are 'manufactured' by the same brain chemicals. Does it mean we can order the one or the other?

"We are more afraid of intimacy and love than we are of genital sexuallity"

The need and desire of sensual erotica.

The words hormone is from A greek work meaning "set in motion". These chemical messengers carry instructions to the body telling specific organs what to do.

Sex hormones are not identified until the thirties and not until the early fifties did we first identify the chemical structure of one of themm, progesterone.The discovery of the natural hormone GnRh, Which control all the release of all sex hormones, wasnt made until the Seventies.

There are two main classes of hormones in a womans body, estrogens and progesterons. The male has one classes the testosterons. But both men and women have both GnRH hormone, Which tells the pituitary to out a specific sex hormone.

We know more about attraction and sexual desire than we do about that elusive, totally subjective thing we call love. Sexual desire is an appetite, like hunger and differ person to person. We all have predilections to sexual fantasys and fetishes. Older People have a attraction for younger sexual beings and in some cases younger adults look towards an older more experienced person e.g. the carnal desire of a young man for a older woman.

Attraction is just as individualized, thank goodness, or we would all want the same individual! the person who rings bells for you may hit a sour note for someone else.

We have been programed by our past, by every sight, smell, and sound, every touch and every tone of voice. Love at first sight (or smell, particular behavior, etc) taps into are computerised system of life experiences, recorded from birth. Everything comes into are brain, sights and smells, tates and sounds, a kiss or a slap. All are isrimulating clues, to which we respond individually.

Odors know as pheromones are so powerful that insects they can attract males to their deaths. In humans the whole concept of pheromones is a more muted one. We are trained from babyhood to think natural body odors are awful. We have the whole industry devoted to ways of making you smell less badly or smell better. The fact that some people smell badly to us from a few metres away means that other clues have happend by the time we get close. Were only aware of them subliminary.

The olfactory clue doesnt seem to be the most powerful one of the male. Its the visual clue that stimulating to the male. In the female the auditory and somatic sensory input, words of love and the caress, are more important. Researchers claim that it takes a man just seven seconds to decides if he is going to approach a woman. Thats long enough for a visual message to make contact to a visual image of his brain!

Of all the species only humans are interested in mating at almost anytime rather than certain times of the year. The human male is always ready for the sexual encounter and almost any female is viewed as a potential sexual partner.

This is not true for the female, who harbors the genetic pool of the race A woman says of a man: "Hes cute", what does that mean? Its whole host of biochemical and psychological factors, But it boils down to her basic function, reproduction.

A woman is trying to select the best genes and this all started to happen a couple million years ago, so the process in "hard wired" in the brain, old and fixed.

We do know that when you fall in love chemical changes takes place in you brain.

Think of the brain as an apartment complex you've been building for at least a million yeaars, a duplex, really becuase your right and left hemispheres are side by side though were learning they're not identical.

The lower brain stem is your foundation and merges with your spinal cord. The first few floors of your duplex in you oldest units. All the structures is concerned with whats called visceral or authomatic neural activities - blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, hunger, thirst, sexual drive and other involuntary processes.

Surrounding the old region of vital body function is the facbric know as the limbic system. The equal primitive architecture goes by many names - our animal brain, our viceral brain, our feeling or emotional brain.

The top floors of your duplex, the cerebral cortex, are still under contructions, still being modified. Know as the thinking brain, The cortex is trying to keep those older residents on the lower floors "civilized". If the structural connections between the cortex and the limbic system are removed, that old animal brain takes over and all emotional balance is gone.

Now theres messanine between the floors of your brainwhere the most exiting tenants live, nestled below the thalamus. Its the tiny apartment called the hypothalamus,a cluster of nerve cells whose blood supply is one of the richest in the body.

This is your play ground! This is where the wild parties go on, for in this hypothalamic area and associated pathways are the "pleasure centres". When stimulated, perhaps by certain brain chemicals, these centres give you intense pleasures.

There are also so-called 'aversion centres' in the hypothalamic area. Exciting this can bring pain, fear rage or aggresion. Both types of centres have thresholds, a minimum level of stimulation perhaps from looking at girls with big naturals needed to kick them off.

Our hypothalamic and other brain cell secrete a broad rage of chemicals - and each one has specific effects on target organs. We only know about 30 or 40 of these chemicals messengers, but just how they work isnt known.

We do know that when you fall in love or are sexually aroused (or angry, of fearful, or depressed), chemical changes takes place in your brain and affect your body, your behavior, your feelings.

You can be crazy in love. Love can make you irrational, foolish and blind!

Theres no questions that the over-idealisation of the love object leads to all kinds of errors in judgement. The limbic system is a high powered salesman. Hes selling the cortex a bill of goods. Its happening subliminally, and it takes only minutes.

That animal brain salesman says: "You've found your prince"! hes just what you want" And the cortex says: "Yes but he maybe a drinker, and i've already caught him in a lie, and his changing careers right now, (not working)..."But your brain says: I can live with it" That means the cortex like what it saw in the first place and the limbic salesman did a good job. -angela fox-


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- A woman is more vunerable to fall in love just before ovulation, about two weeks before her period. Where a man's level of sex steroids stays pretty steady, a woman has a cyclical production of sex hormones.

- There is some evidence that a full can affect the female brain chemistry. When the moon is full a woman can feel differently about someone. Whether that feeling is ecstasy or agony, it shouldnt be trusted until the moon reaches its next phase.

- You are not on your normal self while you on a holiday. Thats why you'll relate to strangers away from home who you woudnt even talk to on your own turf! Plenty of girls holidaying away from home are tempted to act promisculously. Change affects your brain, which in turns affects your emotions. Dont make important decisions about relationships when your in an abnormal state.

- Having mixed emotions is not abnormal.Passion is not fuelled just by love. Equally arousing are anxiety, jealousy, anger, frustration, fear and insecurity. Dont always be agreeable and pleasant. Anyone's love-sex life can be improved by surprise.

- Drugs can affect your brain chemistry. For example: Valium enhances the action of GABa, the brain chemicals that lower your brain stability level. And Amphetamenes, which raise excitement level, do so artificially and dangerously. A natural high is healthier, the high of love.

- Memories stimulate brain chemicals. If you wear the dress you wore in particularly exciting evening, you'll awaken those arousal associations for him. Revisit the place you went to on your first date. Recreate the setting of two of you found stimulating.

- All the love experts agree that your own identity comes first. You need a firm sense of yourself before you can function succesfully in a romance.